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The versatility of coworking spaces

From meeting rooms and conference rooms to private working nooks, coworking spaces have got it all. They are your one-stop shop for all the office facilities and amenities you can think of under one roof.  Coworking spaces provide great ease and comfort to those who use them as they come well-equipped with all the office […]

Essentials for a Coworking Space!

The technology that coworking spaces provide varies greatly. While some rooms will be equipped with a variety of tools, others may require you to bring your own. Top factors to think about are: Safe Internet Connection Make sure you are familiar with the WiFi setup in your coworking space. To accommodate everyone working there, many […]

Why are coworking spaces important in today’s time?

Coworking’s rising popularity can be attributed to the positives outweighing the negatives. The advantages and disadvantages of coworking spaces are straightforward and roughly balanced, but the value of the benefits greatly exceeds the value of the downsides. Let’s examine this matter in greater detail.  Coworking spaces provide a special need for businesses that are adopting […]

What are the benefits of sharing an office space?

Coworking spaces offer small enterprises, independent contractors, and other professionals a place to work, network, and engage with the local business community. From networking with other business professionals to cooperating on separate projects, coworking spaces can be a shared environment where individuals with diverse business ideas can meet and exchange knowledge. Coworking entails the pursuit […]

360 Degree Support At Raad

Running a business was never this easy! At Ra’ad we offer a full fledged office space with the following features and professional value added services:–Spacious furniture, stationary and storage-Backup power (Generator and Solar system)-Support staff (for reception ,cleaning, tea and minor work)-Meeting room with conferencing support-Multipurpose hall for large events-training rooms for discussion, classes etc-12 […]


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