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Ra’ad Co-Shared Office Space

Ra’ad is a co-shared office space designed for your small & large businesses. We, at Ra’ad, aims to create a healthy, efficient and peaceful environment for you to build your business. Equipped with latest technological corporate requirement, Ra’ad bring you the opportunity to work from a small place to make a big business

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Our Philosophy

⦁ To Please Allah swt
⦁ To follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWS in everything we do


To facilitate entrepreneurs, Ulema, Widows and every person in society that needs help


To give all kinds of services in a comfortable, relaxing environment to our clients so that they can do business with complete ease of mind.

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Value Added Services
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What facilities do you offer?

Some facilities & services offered are air conditioning,water for drinking and usage, furniture , internet, backup internet,power,backup power-solar, backup power-generator, 80+ seat cafe, 100+ seat hall, printing black&colour,Tea, food catering, meeting room, clean washrooms, prayer area,projectors, multimedia equipment, cleaning, peon, guard, reception services, white board, calling agent, mail receiver, CCTV, guards, 24/7 Open, parking, Ease of access,contract flexibility & many more services

What value added services do you offer?

Value added services include Support services for A to Z of business include IT support (networking, system fixes etc), IT for business ( Design and development of Website, application iOS,Android, inventory, accounting, customized support available) , -Call center (inbound and outbound call center solutions), Marketing guidance and support (digital -facebook,google adwords, instagram, linked in, Outdoor-steamers, billboards, BTL activities etc, brand building ), Finance guidance and support ( fund raising, pitch book preparation, presentation, financial modeling, managing banking , company finances , digital wallets, tax ), Legal guidance and support (Incorporation, copyright, intellectual property rights, taxation, partnership agreements, predesigned contracts etc) , operational support ( inbound and outbound logistics and delivery guidance,storage, internal staff management etc) , HR support (hiring, salary solutions, interview calling and short listing etc) and lots more.

What are value added services?

Value added services include Support services for A to Z of business. They are meant to support existing business with expert advice. One can’t be an expert of everything. We offer specialist services from experienced professionals.

Where are you located?

We have multiple locations in Karachi and further expansion is planned within and outside Karachi,in-sha Allah . For more details click contact us and see our location details.

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Things To Ponder Upon

Project Contract

Project Contract

Have a Bussiness
Start a business at RAAD

Start a business at RAAD

A new year for a new beginning.
Rental Chain

Rental Chain

Finds Easy Contracts
Setting up an office space

Setting up an office space

Start your business at a fraction of the cost.
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What People Say

The management is very cooperative and helpful. They provide businesses with guidance on business models, fund raising, legal compliances, etc. This makes Raad co shared space stand out from other co shared spaces. I would personally recommend startups to opt for them as they understand the problems faced by startups and mould their policies accordingly. Raad has played a key role in my entrepreneurial journey.
Hammad Surmawala
Facebook page
It's a very suitable place for educational training sessions
Syeda Fozia Naz
Facebook Page
Very caring and clean + secured office 100% Best for your startup...
Aisha Asad
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Highly recommended! Great co working space. I organized a small event there. It was my first experience with them and I found them very helpful. The reception desk guy is very helpful and professional. Thanks for the great service!
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Its a good place for shared office
Faiq Ali
Client of Company

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We are currently based here. Good service clean environment
Muhammad Sufyan
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Good environment
Nabeel Shahid
Client of Company

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