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Essentials for a Coworking Space!

The technology that coworking spaces provide varies greatly. While some rooms will be equipped with a variety of tools, others may require you to bring your own. Top factors to think about are:

Safe Internet Connection

Make sure you are familiar with the WiFi setup in your coworking space. To accommodate everyone working there, many will offer extremely fast broadband connections. To connect to the cloud, download files, and participate in conference calls without worrying about a slowdown, you’ll need the available bandwidth.

But security ought to be given top importance as well. While some offices will assign a private network to every suite, others might rely on public guest networks. Always make sure you are aware of the consequences before using the Wi-Fi in a coworking area!

Seat Arrangement:

Take into consideration your workstation arrangement when selecting a workspace. You may want to know that you have a certain desk allotted to you if you are renting the space for an extended period of time.

A hotdesking situation, on the other hand, can be more appropriate if you’re using the coworking space in a more relaxed manner. Be mindful of the space’s furniture’s ergonomics. There may be informal hubs with a couch and throw pillows, but these are meant to be places for group meetings.

Make sure your coworking space has computer chairs so you can maintain proper posture if you need to go into a deep sprint of work. 

Presentation Tools

If you’re renting an auditorium, conference room, or events space, you might need access to presenting tools like projectors and whiteboards that are already on site.

These things can be pricey to buy whether you’re a freelancer or a new business. Even if you own your own, carrying the gear around can be difficult, so it’s advantageous if your coworking space is already furnished.

Accessory Essentials

You don’t want to lose power midway through a Zoom conference. You also don’t want to discover that the charging cable you have is too short to fit into the socket under your coworking hotdesk.

Therefore, before you reserve a coworking space, be sure to know which necessary tech accessories are included in your rental fee and which you must provide for yourself.

All of the accessories—cables, chargers, and headphones—are rather lightweight and fit neatly into your laptop bag.

Hardware Needs

Before you reserve a coworking space, find out what office equipment is available. Do you need to have access to these office supplies?

  • Professional printers
  • Fax devices
  • Scanners
  • Telephones 
  • Photocopiers

In case the gear malfunctions at a crucial point in your company day, don’t be hesitant to inquire in advance about whether tech assistance is offered on-site.

If you’re looking for a co-working space that covers all the mentioned essentials without you having to worry each day, Raad has got you covered! Visit us today, and book a seat for a productive day at work.


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