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What is RAAD?

As more people take advantage of the flexibility offered by remote and hybrid work arrangements, they naturally begin to wonder: what precisely is a coworking space? 

To put it simply, coworking occurs when two or more people gather in a shared office space with the intention of working on separate but related projects. A coworking setting differs from a conventional office workspace in that its members typically do not work for the same firm. 

Having the flexibility to work from home is excellent, but it may also lead to boredom. Being in social settings has been shown to have positive effects on mood, cognitive function, and creativity. When you share so many similarities with so many individuals, it is only a question of time until you begin to network and greater avenues begin to arise naturally. 

RAAD is an open-concept, shared-office building perfect for startups and established companies alike. RAAD is committed to providing a tranquil, productive, and comfortable setting in which you can grow your company. RAAD provides the cutting edge corporate technology you need to run a successful business from home. Instead of committing to a long-term lease, you can find more accommodating terms with us. Our office model is perfect for entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget, and even freelancers can find a reasonable rate.

RAAD provides many of the same conveniences that one would find in a conventional office, in addition to a great deal more. We already operate a large number of locations in Karachi, and we have ambitions to go into other cities as well. 

As a firm, we are dedicated to developing the optimal office solution for your business. We think it should be easy and convenient so that business owners may focus on what matters most to their companies while we handle the rest.


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