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How Employees Grow In A Co-Working Space

Studies show that employees thrive in co-working spaces; the average is a 6 on a 7-point scale. The number is higher than that of employees going to regular offices. But what exactly is so unique about coworking spaces and the growth they induce?

No need to prove a culture fit!

In contrast to a traditional office, coworking spaces have members who are employed by a variety of various businesses, endeavors, and projects. They don’t feel they need to adopt a professional persona in order to fit in because there isn’t much direct competition or internal politics. Working with others who are engaged in different types of work might help one develop a stronger sense of self at work. 

Autonomy with schedule.

Coworking facilities are typically open around-the-clock. When faced with a deadline or the desire to demonstrate progress, people can choose to work long hours or take a lengthy lunch break to work out. They have the option of working in a room that is quiet to help them concentrate or one that is more collaborative with shared tables that encourages interaction. If they need to meet a repairman or attend to a family member’s needs, they can even choose to work from home without facing any consequences.

Building a network.

People pay to work in a shared area rather than working from home for free or renting a plain office because of the connections they make therein. Each coworking space has its own individuality, and the managers put tremendous effort into creating a special environment that caters to the demands of their individual members. 

Employees meet new people and build connections across numerous industries. There is no limit to the scope of your network, it’s wide and growing!

Stepping out of your comfort zone.

The continuously evolving work environment can be difficult at first if you’re not used to open, buzzing office plans or the social side of coworking. But by stepping outside of your comfort zone, making new friends, and being exposed to different settings every day, you’re forced to maintain your resourcefulness and creativity in the face of uncertainty—qualities similar to those required in expanding a firm.

For these innumerable benefits, employees love working at coworking spaces and look out for collaborative sites like RAAD. 

RAAD provides one such space for employees to build creativity and ace their work life. Connect with us today to book yourself a place, and experience the shift in your work routine. 


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