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Furnished offices

Just sit and start. Hassle free business

Office space-single table with storage

Good for freelancers and new setups

Storage space

Store your e-commerce products at our location in a safe and secure environment. Have them delivered upon instructions

Tuition/ teaching room

Give tuitions to 1 to 100 students at Raad

Co working

Share space with other like minded entrepreneurs

Event hall

Conduct events for upto a 100 people in extremely affordable rates

Meeting Room

Meet your clients in your place at Raad

Virtual Office

Your physical space to receive calls and mail. Also to occasionally meet clients

Kitchen Space

Now you can start your own restaurant and target a sitting audience of a 100 people

Teaching space

Book a tour now to understand

Office space

Office space with 20 facilities and 10+value added services


Fully serviced warehouses with completely order fulfillment and delivery options





What Can We Offer

Meet and Greet

Meeting rooms with conferencing support so you can do a business deal at ease

Café to Eat and Meet

12 hour access to facilities with an open café for you and your guests

Organise Big Events

Multipurpose hall for large events and up to 100 people training,seminars & events


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