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Setting up an office space of your dream is not cheap. Not only does it cost an unaffordable amount for many new startups and freelancers but it also comes with an opportunity cost. You loose time and effort in doing things that don't matter to your business growth. Why waste time when you can utilize the same time in earning and growing your business. Start your business at a fraction of the cost. Over 20 features and 10 value added services for you at extremely low rates.


Doing business in Karachi, Pakistan isn't easy. Dealing with 20 different entities for seamless operations is enough to drain any businessman. Focus on what’s important for you business and leave the rest to us. We will focus on making everything else easy so you concentrate on everything that is important. 3 core pillars of services, features and value added services at Ra’ad to help you succeed. We take care of every Problem to the best of our ability, in-sha’Allah, so you can grow and do your business with complete peace of mind.

Teaching Space

Teacher Times have changed. Teaching has become modern with the advent of technology and Covid has further changed many dynamics. Adapting to this is costly and difficult. Following is a breakup of all the costs that you will incur to setup a modern teaching setup capable of addressing small to large audiences


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