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360 Degree Support At Raad

Running a business was never this easy! At Ra’ad we offer a full fledged office space with the following features and professional value added services:-
-Spacious furniture, stationary and storage
-Backup power (Generator and Solar system)
-Support staff (for reception ,cleaning, tea and minor work)
-Meeting room with conferencing support
-Multipurpose hall for large events
-training rooms for discussion, classes etc
-12 hour access to facilities with an open café for you and your guests
-Air conditioned rooms with modern washroom
-Internet-high speed with backup
-IT support (networking, system fixes etc)
-Printing facilities (Color and Black)
-IT for business ( Design and development of Website, application iOS,Android, inventory, accounting, customized support available)
-Marketing guidance and support (digital -facebook,google adwords, instagram, linked in, Outdoor-steamers, billboards, BTL activities etc, brand building )
-Finance guidance and support ( fund raising, pitch book preparation, presentation, financial modeling, managing banking , company finances , digital wallets, tax )
-Legal guidance and support (Incorporation, copyright, intellectual property rights, taxation, partnership agreements, predesigned contracts etc)
-operational support ( inbound and outbound logistics and delivery guidance,storage, internal staff management etc)
-HR support (hiring, salary solutions, interview calling and short listing etc)
-self development with routine workshops and round the clock guidance


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